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The Washington capitals this is simple if you have any Russian ties root for this team Alex Ovechkin is going to be there for a few more years he’s maybe the greatest goal-scorer of all time and the next I would say three years he should break Wayne Gretzky’s record for the most NHL goals in the history of the league so definitely something to track.

There even if you don’t choose to cheer for this team I love the capitals because I’ve always been a fan of some of the players on their team besides Ovechkin including Evgeny Kuznetsov there’s another Russian there Tj Oshie an American hockey hero is of my favorites of all time as well now this team is still pretty competitive they are a perennial playoff team they won their first Stanley cup in 2018,

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About the Washington capital

The Washington Capitals are a professional ice hockey team based in Washington, D.C. They play in the National Hockey League (NHL) as part of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference. The Capitals were founded in 1974 as the expansion Washington Capitals and have been playing at Capital One Arena in downtown Washington since 1997. The team won one Stanley Cup championship in 2018 and has had several successful seasons in recent years. The Capitals have had many talented players throughout their history, including Alexander Ovechkin, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest goal-scorers of all time.

The Washington capital so this is kind of interesting it’s a reversal so initially, I didn’t like the Washington capitals a lot of people love those classic 90s jerseys of theirs I didn’t like them at all I think the colors are bizarre they went up against the red wings in the like 97 stanley cup and I was going for the red wings

Back then I’ll talk about that later, of course, um but yeah I just didn’t like the capitals I was like what the hell kind of mascot is a capital um so anyway then Ovechkin comes along, and because he’s like showboating when he scores goals I was kind of a traditionalist at first I used to hate when guys would celebrate like that uh so that’s why I liked Crosby more than Ovechkin and then you know we get around to about 2015 or

So and things kind of changed for me I’m like you know what Ovechkin he’s really exciting to watch I guess I can kind of like him so then in 2018, of course, they’re playing the vegas golden knights in the stanley cup and I’m rooting hardcore for Ovechkin and the capitals for obvious reasons and by then they had you know TJ Oshie and Evgeny Kuznetsov a couple of my favorite players not on my favorite team so then

I found myself rooting for Washington so I’ve kind of been a Washington supporter for like the last I’d say five or six years I want to see other teams win a cup that has a more extended drought than the capitals I wish to see Ovechkin get one more though now we go on to the anaheim ducks or as we used to call them the mighty ducks of anaheim so when I was a kid you know the mighty ducks came out when I was I think four or five years old so

I instantly liked the mighty ducks they weren’t my favorite team but I was like yeah they could kind of be my second favorite team I didn’t follow them all that much but in 2003 they played the Minnesota wild actually

Washington Capitals: A Drop in Ranking due to Cup Win?

Washington Capitals So the Capitals dropped seven positions from last year and I think the year before that they were maybe seven positions higher so they’re way down on my list and that’s because they won the Stanley Cup I think maybe my favorite team in the rankings. or whatever they’re seventh eighth maybe even sixth I think when I first

Started the channel and um they got it done I’m really happy they won the Stanley Cup even though I was technically cheering for the Vegas Gold Knights because it was actually in Vegas then I’m still really happy the Capitals won I’m so happy Ovechkin won a Stanley Cup They were kind of a bummer for me and mainly because they won. There’s nothing I dislike about the team. I love Ovechkin.

Love his personality There’s not a player at the capital that I dislike apart from Tom Wilson so I think the ranking mostly comes down to them winning the cup and the teams that were previously behind to get ahead of them.