I will talk about the Stanley Cup as much as some other teams but definitely has a very passionate fan base I have to say the second newest team in the NHL is the Vegas Golden Knights so they came into the NHL in 2017 they got great jerseys great branding and really picked for them The reason for taking will be if you like something that is taken to a level that you don’t expect it to be.

The franchise is run, the arena experience is definitely like you know they have a drum line they have celebrities like Little John and Gordon Ramsay they’re basically medieval on the ice with people dressed in regalia and fighting each other and that sort of thing. So a lot of people have been attracted to them over the last couple of years they’ve been to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first season and the thing is they’ve really been chasing a Cup Final over the last couple of years and so they’re expected to be in that contender status for the next couple of years but I think they can definitely fall later because of how much they spent.

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