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I will talk about the Stanley Cup as much as some other teams but definitely has a very passionate fan base I have to say the second newest team in the NHL is the Vegas Golden Knights so they came into the NHL in 2017 they got great jerseys great branding and really picked for them The reason for taking will be if you like something that is taken to a level that you don’t expect it to be.

The franchise is run, the arena experience is definitely like you know they have a drum line they have celebrities like Little John and Gordon Ramsay they’re basically medieval on the ice with people dressed in regalia and fighting each other and that sort of thing. So a lot of people have been attracted to them over the last couple of years they’ve been to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first season and the thing is they’ve really been chasing a Cup Final over the last couple of years and so they’re expected to be in that contender status for the next couple of years but I think they can definitely fall later because of how much they spent.

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About The Vegas Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights are a professional ice hockey team based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were founded in 2017 and are one of the newest franchises in the National Hockey League (NHL). The team has played its home games at T-Mobile Arena since 2017.

The Golden Knights are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the NHL. Despite being a relatively new team, the Golden Knights have already had several successful seasons, including reaching the Stanley Cup Final in their inaugural season in 2017-2018, where they lost to the Washington Capitals.

The Golden Knights have had several notable players throughout their short history, including Marc-Andre Fleury, William Karlsson, and Jonathan Marchessault. The team’s current captain is Mark Stone and the head coach is Pete DeBoer.

The vegas golden knights I have a lot of knights fans watching and don’t worry I won’t rip into you guys too much I was pretty fired up when vegas got an nhl team awarded to them I thought hey that’s great like a

New geography a new market right this will be terrific for the nhl so I was happy with that then they unveiled their mascot or they’re not chance but their team name and their you know logo and jerseys and whatnot and initially I was like what the is this like golden knights that sound so damn corny anyway I came to like their look yes absolutely but

As early as the third or fifth game, these guys started winning and I was like that’s not supposed to happen they start beating the crap out of my san jose sharks I’m like what the is these 2018 playoffs roll around and we’d lose to them in six games and I was just really happy the capitals won the stanley cup this year that’s one reason why you’ve got Ovechkin behind me here anyway there will come a time when the animosity dies down I love the fans

They watch my videos interacting with them everyone’s cool with each other and so I want to keep it that way for sure um yeah it’ll be interesting to see what happens to this team that’s all I’m going to say now we get to the Florida panthers and a lot of you out there know that I do like the Florida panthers quite a bit now but back in the day I didn’t care for them whatsoever I thought that I wouldn’t say I liked their look

Actually and I wasn’t a massive fan of any players in particular over there so yeah for a long time there

My Love for the Vegas Golden Knights and New York Rangers: A Hockey Fan's Perspective

The Vegas Golden Knights expansion team is talking about Vegas Golden Knights you know when that roster was first announced I don’t think so no I mean I’m sitting here saying I have no faith in the roster and they almost went on to win the Stanley Cup and I just said my faith in the Seattle Kraken roster or so much faith No so I mean who really knows but uh back to the Vegas Golden Knights that story is interesting I mean for me.

I love the team as far as when they were originally formed they were a misfit team and I ran with that you know they embraced it and wore it on their shoulders and their sleeve and I admired that and I remember it almost Six or seven games in I made a video and I think it was titled Vegas Gold Knights for real because they might not have lost a game at that point but I can’t remember.

Oh and I remember saying yes and I loved watching the team at that time it only took a few games you know five or six games or whatever and I was on the board and I watched the rest of the season in Vegas the Golden Knights and I appreciated the team And then years later their first year in the NHL I had the opportunity to go to Vegas during the playoffs and watch them play in the conference finals.

Winnipeg and win the game that I went to and then I was around Vegas for three weeks and I saw I watched a few uh games from outside the arena and then another game from the arena again but they were playing in Washington but I was still at the T-Mobile arena and I was just a great Spent time and I can say all kinds of nice things about the Vegas Golden Knights team and franchise, all of which are true.

But I think the main reason why I like Vegas and the Golden Knights the most is because of the city and the people. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The people in Vegas and I had a great time there. I like the city. do I don’t drink I don’t gamble don’t do any of these normal things on the strip uh I didn’t even

Really enjoy the strip it was ok to walk through but I just loved the neighborhoods I think I appreciate the wilderness the most because I’m from you about the Canadian forest new Brunswick is a big huge Forest I see trees and stuff all the time so in the desert, I see something completely different

Fascinating to me so I enjoyed my time in Vegas I enjoyed the Vegas Golden Knights but they can’t go fourth or higher because you fired Gerard Gallant from Prince Edward Island I lived in Prince of Rhode Island for about 10 years and I can never forgive you for that so you’re fifth but you’re not going.