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The Tampa bay lightning and you would certainly be jumping on the bandwagon right now because they won the last two Stanley cups they have some of the best players at their position in the world and guys like Andre Wasilewski the best goaltender in the world victor Hedman is among the best defensive men perennially Stephen Stamkos is having a terrific year Nikita kucharov he hasn’t been playing so much this year but he’s among the best wingers in the game as well Tampa’s a really fun place to watch a game it’s a cool city from what I’ve seen I’ve only been there for a day but I went to a lightning game and I had Great-time fans are really chill there that’s what I’ve learned and probably in Florida altogether Tampa can challenge for another Stanley cup for the next couple of years I would think and then after that, they’re probably gonna have to rebuild and retool because they’re just not getting a lot of draft picks but Tampa bay is the lightning capital of the united states fun place to watch a game cool chill fans uh you can’t go wrong really but you’d be a bandwagoner For sure all right

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About the Tampa bay lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning is a professional ice hockey team based in Tampa, Florida. They were founded in 1992 and have been members of the National Hockey League (NHL) since their inception. The Lightning has a strong history of success, including several playoff appearances and a Stanley Cup championship in 2004. They have a passionate fan base and play their home games at Tampa’s Amalie Arena. The team has had many talented players throughout its history, including Martin St. Louis, Vincent Lecavalier, and current captain Steven Stamkos. The Lightning is consistently one of the league’s top teams and is known for its fast-paced, high-scoring style of play.

In 2004 the Tampa Bay Lightning were so thunderous that they won the Stanley Cup over the Calgary Flames and I now have gratitude for them because the Flames beat the Sharks in the conference finals. So I wanted Tampa to win even though the Flames probably won six games right so with Tampa I liked some of the players on that team, which of course was Martin St. Louis and future San Jose Shark Dan Boyle a few years ago this 2018 I went to a game there. Uh actually support Toronto because Marlowe was on the team and it was great because you

Now the whole arena was blue and white you couldn’t tell who was cheering for who, it was so lively uh there was a great time interacting with the fans, of course, Tampa won the last two Stanley Cups I never cheered for them uh during this run But you know I appreciate the way they’ve put the team together and I’m happy for the fans down there that I don’t want to see them.

repeat but I don’t hate the team at all next we have the Kraken, of course, they played their first season and they were my local team this past November for a game you know uh anyway I didn’t follow them as much as I thought I was a reason They weren’t as good so they weren’t as relevant. It’s like a specialty you know from a team

A different league that goes up against the NHL at times seems to follow them as an expansion team this year but yes I’m sure a ton of people are excited for professional hockey in the area and yes I will cheer for them to some extent, mostly. In part, grew up a Seattle Supersonics fan but of course, I miss the soups more but uh Kraken you know they look great

And oh yes only a five-hour drive away if I want to see them again now we want to go

Tampa Bay Lightning

Tampa Bay Lightning is probably the most predictable ranking if you know me but I had to finish Tampa Bay they were number one they beat my Munch Rocket Agency in the Stanley Cup Finals and number two I don’t like repeating winners and teams I just win every year I already said that

This was the easiest ranking for me putting this team last but I love the city of Tampa I love Florida I like a lot of the players I like their colors I’m not a big fan of their jerseys I think they need to change their brand I’m a thousand I’ve said it many times but other than that they are so good that I don’t like everything else about the Tampa Bay Lightning

They’re very competitive and they win all the time and they’re probably going to go deep in the playoffs even though they’re technically not that good on paper this coming season so uh I don’t hate them like they’re last, I don’t hate them I’m for their fans Happy uh I want to go there

Arena and visit Tampa again someday I’ve never been to the arena but I’ve been to Tampa so I want to visit the city again and I want to see the arena for the first time.