The Tampa bay lightning and you would certainly be jumping on the bandwagon right now because they won the last two Stanley cups they have some of the best players at their position in the world and guys like Andre Wasilewski the best goaltender in the world victor Hedman is among the best defensive men perennially Stephen Stamkos is having a terrific year Nikita kucharov he hasn’t been playing so much this year but he’s among the best wingers in the game as well Tampa’s a really fun place to watch a game it’s a cool city from what I’ve seen I’ve only been there for a day but I went to a lightning game and I had Great-time fans are really chill there that’s what I’ve learned and probably in Florida altogether Tampa can challenge for another Stanley cup for the next couple of years I would think and then after that, they’re probably gonna have to rebuild and retool because they’re just not getting a lot of draft picks but Tampa bay is the lightning capital of the united states fun place to watch a game cool chill fans uh you can’t go wrong really but you’d be a bandwagoner For sure all right

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