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The st. Louis blues so they were formed in 1967 and it took them I think 52 years to win their first Stanley cup they won it recently in 2019 now this team could actually win

Another Stanley cup or at least contend for one in the next couple of seasons they have just good fundamental pieces to their overall lineup I have to say st Louis fans are great sports fans, in general, they have the blues for hockey and they have the cardinals also for baseball and yeah middle America there’s great ribs in st Louis I hear I’ve only just driven through it basically and it’s certainly one of the more historic franchises out there maybe

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About The St. Louis Blues

The St. Louis Blues are another team that had a good historical rivalry with the Sharks in the playoffs but I never found myself hating the Blues so the first time I watched them meet in the playoffs was in 2012 the Blues went to a better team than the Sharks for whatever reason. Had a losing season for uh then came 2016 with the Sharks beating the Blues

Conference finals but 2019 are kind of interesting because I think for a lot of Sharks fans that will shut them off from the St. Louis Blues but before that regular season started I actually predicted the Blues would win the Stanley Cup and so I became a passive supporter of that team so even though we lost to them I was really happy when they lifted the Stanley Cup and you know their 52 For the first time in history they did it at another time

Even though I don’t really find myself a blues fan I absolutely love those uh traditional jerseys but otherwise, they’re kind of ok for me don’t hate them love them

St. Louis Blues: A Tricky Team to Rank, but Still Close to My Heart

St. Louis Blues The Blues is a little tricky for me because uh they actually fell off my list uh quite a bit the last two years I’ve been in my top four If I’m not mistaken, maybe a couple of years ago, maybe three years ago, but one of the reasons I loved the St. Louis Blues was, you know, a couple.

Many years ago because of Jake Allen I came from Fredericton Brunswick Jake Allen under Frederic he is currently my favorite player in the NHL and I was a big avid St. Louis Blues watcher even though you know he was a backup for a little bit of that I still really wanted to support him and uh, of course, he was on the team so I have a lot of love for the St. Louis Blues so even though they finished 12th

I’ve been cheering for them for a very long time because of Jack Allen, so they’re still very close to my heart, but they’ve fallen off my list. I was so happy they won the Stanley Cup. Gale was just like oh my god can we please get a new team to win they’re facing Boston and Boston just won eight years ago or whatever.

So it feels like I was rooting hard for St. Louis and I won and it felt like this big weight off my shoulders for a team that I was cheering for finally winning the Sailing Cup won the Stanley Cup and I wasn’t left disappointed so it’s cool. The year St. Louis won they probably had one of the best brands in the NHL. Their jerseys are fine.

Reverse but if you look at my back jersey their brand is just incredible I love their jersey I love the history of their jersey yeah I just like their whole uniform shows on the ice and I love the jerseys they decide to choose. They have some pretty cool uniforms so St. Louis you’re off my list but I still really appreciate you