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The san Jose sharks a rival of the anaheim ducks and the Los Angeles Kings based in northern California just a little bit south of san Francisco the sharks haven’t won a stanley cup since they came into the nhl in 1991 there are

Plenty of memes of the team choking in the playoffs I would have to say but if we get into the playoffs as an underdog we do have a reputation for completing some pretty stunning upsets again we’re kind of a smaller market team we fly in under the radar we don’t get that much love compared to other teams in the bay area like the giants and the warriors and the 49ers but man sharks fans are absolute die-hards even if there aren’t as many of them I’ve been to games so.

Many games countless games over the years and I’ve made so many friends who are fans of this team of course man we’re rocking teal the best color in the nhl we’ve got a shark just like charging through chomping a hockey stick not choking on it guys and so if you like sharks teal the best intro in the nhl they skate out of a freaking shark head and in the playoffs you should see just how intense it can be inside our arena sap center.
Also called the shark tank so you know where my vote is twisters right.

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About The San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks are a professional ice hockey team based in San Jose, California. They were founded in 1991 and have been established in San Jose since its inception. The team has played its home games at the SAP Center (previously known as the San Jose Arena) since 1993.

The Sharks are members of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference in the National Hockey League (NHL). Over the years, the team has had several successful seasons, including trips to the Western Conference Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals in 2016.

The Sharks have had several notable players throughout their history, including Owen Nolan, Patrick Marleau, and Joe Thornton. The current captain team’s current captain and head coach is Bob Boughner.

The sharks in the regular season even though we are 3-0 against them in the playoff series and I know a lot of people out there kind of got turned off of the predators because they would say the fans or just I don’t know the atmosphere or something like that they would get annoyed by it so I went to a game to see

For myself a few years ago loved it and had such a fun time uh not a massive fan of the way the team is constructed now but as an underdog, I could see myself getting on board with them now here are a couple of teams that are pretty obscure to me historically so first of all Carolina hurricanes initially I didn’t like the hurricanes I just thought that their logo looked like a disc and so I rooted for them or rooted against them I should

Say in 2002 against the red wings and for several years there I just really didn’t care about them although in 2006 I got to credit them for beating.

The Birth of a Fan: How a San Jose Sharks Jersey and Logo Created a Connection That Lasted Over a Decade.

San jose sharks so yeah it all started in 2010 san jose sharks and it was 2010 I was looking for a west team I cheered for colorado like in the 90s I’ll talk about that coming up soon but I’ve cheered for colorado in the past and I was still in 2010 like Colorado really but I think I wanted to try something new and had a jersey of the San Jose Sharks you know jersey I liked the logo I liked I didn’t like that area of uh California

At the time there was but you know it was admired from afar so I found that San Jose was the most logical choice not even including some of the players they had on the team and that was one of the main reasons I was a huge huge Patrick Marlowe fan so This was the main reason why I became a huge fan of the San Jose Sharks starting in 2010