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The Ottawa Senators Again kind of like the coyotes and like the buffalo sabers if you want to cheer for an underdog the senators are it, especially being in the shadow of kind of Toronto and Montreal the big markets there in Canada the senators have a lot of good young talent so these guys could be good next year that or maybe two years from now versus like Arizona who’s going to take like 20 years so the senators are run by kind of a kooky owner in Eugene Melnick they

Don’t play in the city of Ottawa they play in the suburb of I think Canada is what it’s called however these guys are the second incarnation of the Ottawa senators so if you like history the original Ottawa senators won a few Stanley cups of their own they folded in 1934 so there is some history to this franchise in a sense.

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The Senators, known for being an underdog team in the shadow of Toronto and Montreal, have a lot of talented young players. Eugene Melnick owns the team and they play in the suburb of Kanata, not the city of Ottawa. It’s worth noting that this is the second iteration of the Ottawa Senators, with the original team winning several Stanley Cups before folding in 1934.
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About the Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are a professional ice hockey team based in Ottawa, Canada. The team was formed in 1992 as an expansion franchise and has since been a staple in the National Hockey League (NHL). In the early 2000s,
The Ottawa Senators were a team that I liked early on. I liked the Centurion vibe of the team and their look of them. They had a great roster in the early 2000s, with players like Daniel Alfredsson, Danny Heatley, Jason Spezza, Zdeno Chara, and Radek Bonk. Back in the day, I frequently played as the Ottawa Senators in NHL 2K5 because that team was just absolutely stacked with firepower. Patrick Lalime had a couple of really good years there too.

However, things took a turn for the worse about five years ago with the franchise, due to the way Eugene Melnyk was handling the situation at the time. Rest in peace. This definitely turned off a lot of hockey fans to the Ottawa Senators, but I felt bad for the actual fans themselves. Now, they have a lot of promising young talent, so they are a team that I expect to eventually start following more. However, it’s going to take a little longer until they are a contender in the league. But yes, they were one of the early teams that I found myself liking.

How the Ottawa Senators are turning around their future

ottawa senators if you are familiar with my latest rankings you will be extremely surprised to see this position for ottawa here they were last year yes I ranked them last year because of Melnyk ok I don’t like Mel nick and last year that video At the time I think he probably said something stupid and it pissed me off so I left the team last but after seeing this team in their new lineup over the last year.

Jersey Listen I still hate Mount I think he’s stupid and arrogant and selfish and ridiculous but this team has a lot of promise and I’ve enjoyed watching Ottawa over the past 12 months or I guess 10 months or whatever this team has been. Talent has a bright future and I could never have predicted it

Because they sent a lot of guys and they had nothing and it’s like holy crap it’s probably going to take a decade for this team to be competitive again they turned it around pretty quickly like obviously they didn’t have a great season last year but no one expected them to And uh they beat a lot of really good teams like the games they lost last year were worst or against teams.

They’re the equal team in their division I guess if you mean they’ve played well against some of the top teams in the division so I think Ottawa has a lot of potential and I like the direction that wow the team is going I like that they’re bringing in some new faces as well and they’re smart They’re drafting, they’re getting their youth smart, so Ottawa is a team I put on my radio.

the year I can’t wait to see them and see how well they do I think they’re going to do even better this year I’m looking forward to it and I’m looking forward to getting some of those new jerseys and I’m a little hint for the future There may be a way