The New York Rangers and Man these guys have become one of the more exciting clubs to watch in the NHL.
The Rangers have the fewest Stanley Cups among the original six teams, but they did make a miraculous run in 1994. They have inspiring players to look up to guys like our Temi Panerai Mikasa Banajad Adam Fox.
NHL goaltenders play in madison square garden probably the most iconic arena in the NHL and the bell center of all sports in north America must be there or should I say in the forum but the ranger blue shirts are a great overall hockey tradition I have to say great jerseys especially when they are that statue of liberty The jersey blows up. Hopefully, they’ll do it next year and they’ll be in Manhattan so you won’t run out of things to do or see. It’s sensory overload for someone like me, but a lot of city folks will have a great time going to a New York Rangers game and just checking it out.

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