That much I almost got hit in a car but that was just about it other than that they’ve got uh that great victory green they’ve got the Pantera goal song which is the best goal song in the NHL and Shannon thank you for agreeing with me there and yeah overall just an even keel sort of franchise that you can get on board with next team Nashville predators so the preds are the team to root for if you like to party man I’ve been to a press.
Game on a Monday and it was rocking it’s so fun to go to a game there because people are just loud and proud they’re wearing those Nashville predators yellow jerseys yeah the preds fans are noisy a lot of people think that they’re annoying and I can sort of understand why but it’s fun it’s just a fun atmosphere they’re right next to broadway in downtown Nashville that’s where all these great music bars are they’ve got all sorts of you know
Blues and jazz and of course country music and rock and yeah it’s just one of the more fun sort of city cores that you can explore there so Nashville is a team that I would certainly recommend getting into and the team has been really good over the past couple of decades since they entered the NHL they’re seemingly in the playoffs every year and when they’re the lower seated team they can often complete an upset all right,

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