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The Montreal Canadiens are now the most historic franchise in the NHL they have won the most ever 24 Stanley Cups but they haven’t won a Stanley Cup since 1993 they had an amazing run this past season but this year they have really hit rock bottom as a franchise and they are pretty Going to rebuild for a few years so it’s an interesting dichotomy here you’ve got history and pedigree on one end and you’ve got an abyss on the other with guys like Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield built around several good franchise players with Carey Price being one of the best goaltenders of the last decade. has become but we don’t even know if he’ll continue his career and what’s great about the Habs in particular is that all their media and their broadcasts are in two different languages of course English and uh Canadian French Quebecois if you want

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Watch Montreal Canadiens live stream online for free! Watch all the action from the NHL’s most historic franchise, with 24 Stanley Cup championships and a rich history of legendary players.
The Canadiens have built a strong history of success and a talented young team. With players like Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield leading the way, and the bonus of bilingual media and broadcasts in both English and French, supporting the Canadians is a unique and exciting experience. Never miss a game – watch on your phone or computer with no blackout restrictions on NHL Live Don’t forget to use an ad blocker to avoid frustrating pop-ups during gameplay and navigate ads easily