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The Minnesota wild don’t you know so Minnesota coins itself as the state of hockey the American state of hockey and the wild are really exciting teams to watch right now Karil caprice 24-year-old Russian phenom is certainly a reason why and over the last couple of years this franchise has really turned itself around they’re going to be competitive for a number of years

They’ve got just a great array of weapons and role players on that team so I’ve really enjoyed watching the wild turn things around and become one of the more exciting teams in the NHL the wild is really just one of many attractions when it comes to hockey in Minnesota and sports in Minnesota so they have this annual high school hockey tournament that is basically god it’s like march madness for hockey really so if you just want to become a big hockey Fans in general certainly following hockey in Michigan is one outlet for you but definitely, the state of hockey in Minnesota is not a bad place to start either don’t you know all right

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The Minnesota Wild is a professional ice hockey team based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They were founded in 2000 as an expansion team and became a member of the Western Conference of the National Hockey League (NHL). The Wild play their home games at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul.

The team’s primary colors are green, iron range red, and wild rice white and they have a passionate fanbase that supports the team throughout the regular season and the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Wild have made several deep runs in the playoffs over the years, and the team is known for its strong defense and solid goaltending. Some of the Wild’s most notable players throughout the years include Marian Gaborik, Mikko Koivu, Zach Parise, and Ryan Suter

The Minnesota wild and as a lot of you know I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan so I have a soft spot for Minnesota sports I grew up a twins fan as well so when the wild came into the nhl I was like boom there’s my second favorite team in 2003 they go on a fantastic run to get to the conference final and then they get swept

By the mighty ducks and so that really ground my gears but anyway I wanted to call myself kind of a wild supporter ever since then but the problem was that a lot of or some of you know out there the type of hockey they would play was so boring they never had that like elite superstar until last year when caprice off came onto the team and so that kind of reinvigorated my appreciation for the Minnesota wild and especially when they rebrand it or not

Rebranded what kind of um when they transitioned from that reebok look to their Adidas look with those beautiful green home jerseys I was like okay definitely one of my favorite teams in the nhl

Minnesota Wild and New York Islanders: A Fan's Perspective

Minnesota Wild I think the best way I can sum up the Minnesota Wild is probably a team that I’ve never really paid attention to in the middle of the pack, never really gotten excited about hating or disliking them’ I’ve always had a lot of fun watching Minnesota.

wild I have probably watched Minnesota wild more than any other team in the nhl except the Montreal Canadiens I also ironically watched a lot of Pittsburgh weird I don’t know why I watched so much Pittsburgh last year but I did but yeah Minnesota wild watched a ton of them last year Mikko was one of my favorite players in Koivu and then talking about the good players in last year’s capric off, hey that was a whole different conversation.

For another video but I had a lot of fun watching them but I opened my eyes to the Minnesota Wild and I like uh I like the reverse that they did and I mean they’ve got one of the best logos in the whole world of um professional sports not even just the NHL but professional sports and I think their home jersey is one of the best home jerseys, in particular, top three so I’m a big fan of their brand I’m excited

To see what they come up with in the future for branding and they’ve made some tough decisions and some decisions that I think a lot of people never thought they’d do like the Suiter and Parisi thing so I’m glad they did it yeah I’m from Minnesota Also on board, I like what they’ve done in the past so Minnesota I’ll turn my attention to you now

It’s a bit of a tricky ranking for me to rank the New York Islanders at No. 10 because there’s a lot I don’t like about the Islanders, with one main thing being that I think they’re one of the most boring teams. The whole NHL I’m going to get this out of the way right now this is the thing I dislike the most about the team but there are so many other things I love about the team I love their color I love them

The history of the brand the history of their jerseys their logo is classic it’s just this is a respectable team now don’t get me wrong I wish they would bring back the fishermen I’ve said a thousand times on the channel but I appreciate their jerseys and their logo and all their history and stuff I Like many players in their team though you know their system is quite boring and berry tort system is effective but boring

But I love a lot of other things like the team I’m talking about the fans okay I love the islander fans I think the islanders’ fan islanders I have some of the best fans in the whole NHL so you know something the best hockey conversation I’ve ever had with islanders fans but I’ve had the worst hockey conversations with some Islanders fans but that’s why I like them

They’re emotionally invested to an extreme. They’re spicy. They’re hardcore invested in the team. They’re a passionate group of fans. And even though I’ve had some heated conversations with some Islanders fans, I appreciate that. I love that enthusiasm. I love how much they love their team.

Islanders, I’m secretly cheering for you even though I put the Rangers first you know it or not before but with the Rangers, before you, I’m secretly cheering for you too uh Islanders fans uh success with the Islanders so ah it’s fresh we’ve had a disappointing last two years you know Tampa The next two years are getting knocked out by Bay Lighting but uh let’s see what happens next year