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 The Columbus blue jackets these guys have only won one playoff series since they came into the NHL in 2000 but it was one of the greatest upsets in sports history when they beat the Tampa bay lightning who had tied an NHL record I believe for points in a season so the Blue Jackets fly in under the radar they’re in a smaller market in Columbus which is known more so for its college football but man if you like cannons yes if you like the sound of a thundering gun1 every time this team scores a goal you should cheer for them because they have a lavish spectacle in such moments all right

How to watch blue jackets game tonight

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Columbus blue jackets Live Stream Reddit

The Columbus blue jackets can be watched online through various live streams. A popular source is Reddit, where links to live streams can be found on the NHL Streams subreddit or our NHLlivestreams.com page. NHL TV subscriptions have become more expensive, but alternative options such as NHL Game Center are available for a fee. We also provide free NHL HD live streams, although sometimes HD quality may not be available and will be replaced with a better quality SD stream. As the NHL regular season is coming to an end, we are excited for the NHL playoffs starting April 15, for which we will be providing live streams with HD streams. There are many options to watch the Columbus blue jackets live, including live streams on Reddit, and YouTube.

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Columbus blue jackets game tonight live stream

About The Columbus blue jackets

The Columbus blue jackets are another obscure team out there yeah early on they had rick nash and that was about it in terms of what was going for them he scored some of the prettiest goals of that era for sure but other than that I didn’t care for the jackets at all they didn’t have like any other big name players that I was into

So much no real connections to Columbus initially too I never liked those original logos at all eventually they would change them all for the better of course but even so, I’ve just never been attracted to them all that much except for the canon jersey of course when they unveiled that in 2010 I was like all right if I were to buy a jersey for a team I don’t cheer for that would be the one anyway 2019 was, of course, magical for them as they upset

The record-tying Tampa bay lightning for most points in a season I believe but even that I don’t know something’s going to have to convince me to become a blue jacket supporter I do want to go to a game because I got to see that canon in action now we get to the colorado avalanche and I kind of like those guys early on the logo back in the 1990s when that was trentrendyhought that looked super sharp loved

The jerseys too and um back then you had Patrick was one of the greatest goaltenders of all time so I kind of fell back on him as sort of my favorite goaltender back then I would have to say um but yeah I still found myself supporting them in the stanley cup in uh 06 against the or 1996 against the panthers and also 0-1 against the devils after that they became kind of irrelevant for a several you know during

Like the mad Duchenne era so I never hated them but I was like man this team doesn’t have much going for them I don’t really feel a need to cheer for them but I’ve become quite a big Nathan McKinnon fan and just watching them that brand of hockey that they play now I like that quite a bit so even though I’m not going to be cheering for them above some other teams to win the stanley cup this year I wouldn’t mind if they won this year or in the Next couple of years because again just enjoyable to watch.

The Columbus Blue Jackets: A Middle-Ground Team with a Strong Fanbase

Listen to Columbus Blue Jackets I don’t want to sound like a broken record but again for me like one of those middle-ground teams I don’t love them I don’t hate them I miss the rivalry with Columbus and Pittsburgh was kind of missing

These past few years because when Columbus played Pittsburgh they were fighting for rations, there was physical hockey there were fights and I think the fight against Columbus was a little bit recently, and when they beat Tampa you know two years ago or whatever it was. It was unbelievable I loved that I was cheering so hard for Columbus

But since then it’s just been like ugh let the wind out of me about Columbus and although again don’t dislike them they haven’t impressed me that much and some of the moves they’ve made and some of the decisions they’ve made have been a bit questionable. But I love their fans. I love the Columbus Blue Jackets fans. Some of the nicest fans I’ve ever met.

jacket fans so I hope the team has success for them in the future not because I like them or anything like that but for the fans so I’m rooting for you more than the columbus blue jackets