The buffalo sabers are kind of like the coyotes if you want the ultimate underdog cheer for the sabers now buffalo sports fans are among the most die-hard hockey fans and die-hard sports fans in north

America the sabers haven’t made the playoffs in the last decade-plus but those sabers fans will watch the Stanley cup playoffs nonetheless and produce some of the best tv ratings for any sports market in the country so very passionate fan base especially when it comes to a football man the buffalo bills the bills mafia where they’ll jump onto picnic tables from the roofs of their car I don’t know why the hell they do this but these guys just they

Crush beers they crush tables and they crush their passion for hockey this team is going to be rebuilding for the next few years but they have a couple of franchise cornerstones in the making with guys like Rasmus Dahlin and also Owen power whom they drafted first overall recently buffalo is one team that needs a Stanley cup they have a lot of heart those fans and I’m always sort of rooting for them when they’re contending for a playoff Position all right

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