The Bruins Boston is a crazy sports town they love the red sox and the patriots and in fact, those teams have won many championships in recent memory the bruins have been consistent with that team because every year they are in the playoffs they make a deep run. ALWAYS WIN IN THE PLAYOFF ROUNDS Yes Boston fans can be a bit crazy for better and for worse but I’ve seen a game at TD Garden aka the garden before and yes it was a good time all black and yellow is something that will attract a lot of people of that brand and As an original six franchise they produced several iconic players in the NHL, especially on defense with guys like Eddie Shore, Ray Bourque and of course Bobby Orr, there’s a statue flying. Winds out of TD Garden, so if you love history and passionate sports markets, it’s a must. Not a bad team to cheer for

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Boston Bruins in the 2022-23 season. You can watch all Bruins games live online for free during the 2022-23 season on nhl

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