Arizona coyotes and if you want to cheer for the ultimate underdog in all of sports it would be Arizona coyotes these guys have just offloaded every single player that they’ve had almost in order to stockpile draft picks and hopefully in five years maybe make a deep playoff run. They’ve never made the Stanley cup final even though they’ve been around as a franchise what almost 40 years now they’ve had trouble selling out games for most of their time in Arizona the next three seasons they’re actually going to be playing at Arizona state university which only holds about 5 000 people it’ll be a new arena I think it’ll it would be pretty fun to actually go to a game that’s downsized.

That much at the NHL level and then after that they should have their new arena although a lot of people want them to relocate to like Houston or Quebec city or Kansas City hockey belongs in the desert apparently to the NHL so if you like hot weather and you like underdogs to cheer for and you don’t just mind having a laugh and watching a game even if your team’s getting blown out seven to one that’s the team to cheer for apparently all right.

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